🐋For Lenders

Get Fixed-Yield from Insured Loans to Protocols

Value Propositions


Enjoy the certainty of fixed-yield via Copra vault, instead of the uncertainty of floating-yield from underlying pools. This fixed-yield is guaranteed by the upfront deposit posted by borrowers.


Lending via Copra vault is principal-protected via insurance buffer that is provided by the upfront deposit posted by borrowers. This insurance buffer covers against risks such as drawdown risks and liquidity risks. This reduces the need of having to heavily assess and manage the risk of underlying pools, providing comfort to lenders.

Fully Secured On-Chain

Loans are secured via liquidity warehouse mechanism. Lenders deposit intro the liquidity warehouse contracts, which only allow loan funds disbursement to certain pre-determined whitelisted pools. This way loan is under full custody of the liquidity warehouse contract, which houses the all the LP tokens of the whitelisted pools.

Debt Covenants Monitoring

Certain thresholds related to collateralization are monitored in real-time. Breach on any of those thresholds will trigger liquidation mechanism, which is withdrawal of loan funds from all whitelisted pools back to liquidity warehouse contract in order to protect lenders from any loss.

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